Holy Grail Producer Pack



This pack contains impulse responses of a Celestion Vintage 30 from 2003 in a Mesa Oversized 4×12 cab.

The producer pack includes a collection of common and not so common microphones in various positions and distances.



  • 12 microphones
  • 12 positions per distance from speaker-center to speaker-edge
  • 5 distances
  • detailed coverage of sweetspot position in 5 very small steps
  • fully raw, no post-processing
  • compatible with all software and hardware IR devices


This pack covers impulse responses of a Celestion Vintage 30 from 2003, the golden Era of V30s, in a Mesa Oversized 4×12 cab. So yes, you can get the holy grail (blink blink) of guitar tones here.

In our producer pack we give you full access to the cab tone.  You can choose from (almost) all the microphones you love and some more. You can experiment with different microphone positions as well as distances. Furthermore we give the power over low- and hi-cuts as well as EQing fully in your hands.

All IRs are phase aligned and trimmed to 500ms.


If you want more mix-ready tones please consider our Holy Grail musicians pack where we give you a selected and pre-mixed IRs.