Holy Grail Musician Pack

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This pack contains impulse responses of a Celestion Vintage 30 from 2003 in a Mesa Oversized 4×12 cab.

The musicians pack includes a selection of best microphone positions and combinations for mix-ready usability.



  • 35 studio quality IRs
  • mic’d, blended and treated for mix-ready use
  • common and not so common mic choices for broad variety
  • tones from bright to full to dark for any mood and genre
  • compatible with all software and hardware IR devices


This pack covers impulse responses of a Celestion Vintage 30 from 2003, the golden Era of V30s, in a Mesa Oversized 4×12 cab. So yes, you can get the holy grail (blink blink) of guitar tones here.

The goal with our musicians pack is to give you the essence of these speakers without throwing thousands of useless impulse responses into your face. So we put in the work and searched for the best positions for the best mics, combinations and blends to give you a broad variety of useful and mix-ready tones.

All IRs are phase aligned and trimmed to 500ms.

If you want more control over your tone consider to check out our Holy Grail producer pack where you get the raw cab tone with various microphones and positions.