Teaser Pack


This pack contains impulse responses of the Swamp Thang and Cannabis Rex 12 Inch 8 Ohm speakers from Eminence. Each speaker offers impulse responses of a Shure SM57 in center, cap-
edge and out position. This should give you a glimpse at the sounds that wait for you in our product line.

This product is totally free!



  • 6 studio quality impulse responses
  • captured the Cannabis Rex and Swamp Thang Speakers from Eminence
  • Shure SM57 on center, cab-edge and out position
  • phase adjusted and trimmed to 500ms



We’re happy to give you this collection of impulse responses from our product line for absolutely free. This way you can explore the tones we are able to create at least a little. For good comparison we used THE standard mic for guitar recording. The chosen IRs offer a range from bright to dark to give you a good impression of the characteristics of the used speakers.

We wish you happy experimenting!